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Amy Filiatreau GSO Archivist, October 6, 2006 review of the Area 18 Archives:

"It is a wonderful and well-preserved collection. This is not a spotty collection of a few items, but a comprehensive and cohesive archives collection that will serve Area 18 for centuries – and archivists like to think in terms of centuries, as far as preservation is concerned".


Alcoholics Anonymous Archivist and nationally recognized historian Mitchell K.

The history of AA can be both educational and fascinating and help make the recovery process a fruitful one. In a quote attributed to Carl Sandberg …. Whenever a civilization or society declines (or perishes) there is always one condition present – they forgot where they came from.”


The Area 18 Archive Repository is located at; 1111 S. Orchard, Boise, Idaho in the Treasure Valley Central Office.
It is open to visitors during regular office hours; Mon. – Fri. 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Phone 208-344-6611 to schedule tours or visits during other hours. Home group tours are encouraged!


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Statement of Purpose

To keep the record straight, so myth does not predominate over fact as to historical accuracy.

To give the fellowship a sense of it’s own past and an opportunity to study it.

The Idaho Area 18 Archives is supported financially by the Area 18 fellowship and by visitor contributions: in keeping with the 7 th tradition we do not accept donations from sources outside of Alcoholics Anonymous.

All materials are cared for to the best of our abilities, to ensure they will be available for future generations. Anonymity of AA members, both living and deceased is protected in accordance with Traditions 11 and 12.

The Archives does not buy or sell collection items. Types of materials appropriate for donation to the Archives include: District meeting records, meeting schedules, personal - group - District histories, group and function flyers or memorabilia, personal correspondence, tapes and records, Big Books and Conference Approved books or literature, books that influenced our co-founders, recovery pamphlets, newspaper and magazine articles about AA, publications and memorabilia from assemblies, conferences and International Conventions.